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Super Cluster Autonomous Data Management Platform

  • Graph based Intelligent online data platform to audit, cleanse data on a continuous basis
  • Build data intensive, real-time, intelligent applications to fix your process/data gaps.
  • Connect your data across all businesses and technologies under one roof.

We solve your problems

Audit your data


We increase your data quality to 100%. Using our innovative cleansing algorithm we not only cleanse the data once, we also find the root cause for a permanent fix.

Fix Gaps


Our Innovative platform also helps you develop apps rapidly to fix gaps, be it data or process. 

Connect the data


With connected and clean data, you drive intelligence that is needed to understand the drivers of transformation, enabling sound decisions faster to make, leading to success.


Audire Suite - Transform Financial Processes

  • Built on the Super Cluster platform, Apps for gaps in the finance function across industries.
  • Reduced time to reconcile. 
  • Be compliant and reduce risk.
  • Secured financials to build trust and reputation.


Audire - Lease management

  • Compliant with IFRS 16/ INDAS 116 accounting standards.
  • Encompasses the entire Lease management lifecycle from Inception to Termination.
  • System of Intelligence for all Lease data across the enterprise.


No Compromise on Compliance

As organisations embark on Digital Transformation, Compliance and Internal Audit functions can now match the speed of transformation with their own transformation to align with Organisational objectives.