Audire Financial Workplace

Build apps to 

  • Improve data quality and governance in 90 days or less.
  • End to End automation of the workflow ensuring compliance across standards.


Build Applications Quickly & Automate

Create application in 6-8 Weeks by simply creating Knowledge Graphs consisting of rule engine, metadata & data. Automate your mundane tasks and calculations. Become more efficient.


Data Assurance

Ingest voluminous data across disparate systems and find the truth.  Identify systemic issues, data inconsistencies and frauds. 


Connect and Clean Data

Manage data across disparate systems, in silos @ scale in real-time. Ensure data decays are minimized. Become more agile to internal and External changes.  

How does it work?

Rapid Application Development

Build new features, models, integrations to combat the ever growing compliance requirements in quick time to ensure you are always compliant.